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Split-level loft (two floors) with a total area of 63.5 m2 (approx. 683 sq. ft.). The lower floor has a jacuzzi where you can relax. If you prefer, you can watch a film on the spec-tacular 60” LED TV.

- King-size bed (2 x 2 metres approx. 78” x 78”) with visco-elastic mattress
- Double shower with big shower head and colour therapy
- Set of lights featuring ‘colour therapy’
- Jacuzzi
- Couch Tantrico
- 60-inch TV
- I-PAD / I-PHONE music centre
- Split-level (2 floors). Lower floor: 38.50 m2 (approx. 414 sq. ft.). Upper floor: 25 m2 (approx. 269 sq. ft.).
- Max 2 PAX

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Rua da Fonte. Bairro do Casalinho da Fonte. Frielas, Loures. Lisboa (Portugal)