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The H2ON Motel has 47 splendidly-equipped rooms to make your stay unforgettable. Its minimalist decoration reflects the latest trends in design and architecture. Each room is unique and has been individually decorated to ensure every stay at the H2ON Motel is different.
All H2ON Motel rooms have:

- At least one King-size bed (2 x 2 metres, approx. 78 x 78 inches) with visco-elastic (‘memory foam’) mattress
- Double shower with colour therapy
- Big LED TV
- I-PAD / I-PHONE music centre
- Set of lights featuring ‘colour therapy’

FEES 4H, 6H, 12H AND 24H

Rua da Fonte. Bairro do Casalinho da Fonte. Frielas, Loures. Lisboa (Portugal)